My name is Marc Sabatella, founder and director of Mastering MuseScore. I am one of the developers of MuseScore (the world's most popular music notation software), and I have been a pioneer in online music education for over 25 years.

Mastering MuseScore is the ultimate resource for learning to create music with MuseScore. We provide online courses, regular weekly live streams, an online community, a newsletter, and more - all created by the leading expert in the field!

Check out what our students say:

  • "Marc. I'm almost lost for words. I am so happy with this course. Your delivery is extremely clear, elegant, brilliantly structured and cohesive. The content has an excellent balance of detail, with just the right amount of reinforcement, without any unnecessary repetition. The exercises are quick while still exactly focusing on the right details and highlighting where any content hasn't been adequately absorbed. The helper applications are friendly and provide some variety... This course has answered so many questions and improved my fundamental understanding... I'm very excited about taking this forward. It's time for me now to spend more time practicing! Your boundless enthusiasm has been a joy. Sincere thanks and gratitude." - Rob T.

  • "W.H.E.W.! I just completed your entire course. As an instructor, I give you an A+, Marc. Excellent step-by-step directions for almost everything we need." - David C.

  • "This has been one of the best tutorials I have ever used. I especially appreciate that each individual lesson is quite complete, in case I have forgotten something from a previous lesson or skipped ahead... And, even though I have been reading music for more than 40 years, I actually learned some things about standards in notation. Kudos and thank you, Marc!" - Kristin D.

  • "As I go through this wonderful course, I'm astonished to learn the incredible amount of things MuseScore is able to do! Wow. I am so grateful I found it. Marc, you are an extraordinary teacher and presenter! Your language is precise, clear, and descriptive. Thank you for this fantastic resource for musicians!!" - Christopher B.

Sound too good to be true? Check out our flagship course bundle for yourself:

Screenshot of music being composed in MuseScore

Create Music with MuseScore

Learn how to create beautiful sheet music with the world's most popular music notation software, MuseScore! This special bundle is actually two courses in one. In addition to Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course, you also get Basic Music Theory. Both are self-paced and feature hours of video demonstrations with easy-to-follow explanations.

Creating music with MuseScore is easy once you know the software and understand the fundamentals of music! This bundle saves you money by including both of the courses below for one low discounted price, but you can also purchase the courses separately.

Included in this bundle:

Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course
  • Quick start tutorial

  • Comprehensive coverage of all features:

    • Navigation

    • Note input

    • Editing

    • Text

    • Articulations & other markings

    • Tablature, percussion, and jazz notation

    • Ensemble scores and parts

    • Page layout

    • Playback

    • Customization

Basic Music Theory
    • Covers the fundamentals of music:

    • Notation

    • Pitch

    • Rhythm

    • Scales

    • Intervals

    • Chords

  • Hours of clearly presented video

  • Interactive handouts

  • Worksheets with answers

  • Graded quizzes

  • Accessible to blind & visually impaired musicians

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