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Hello! I keep hinting at some new ideas I am rolling out for the Mastering MuseScore Community, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you a little more. I've rolled out some of these changes already, while others will be going live over the coming week or so.

First, the Mastering MuseScore 4 course is expanding to include the Music Engraving Workshop that I started last year. This was previously available to Gold level members only, but I think it makes more sense to combine it with the MuseScore course. We'll start by doing a few relatively simple projects together, and I'll talk about that during the MuseScore Café on Wednesday.

The Musicianship Skills Workshop that I also started last year is going to be gradually integrated more with the Music Master Class, along with a new chat space that I have added as part of this. I still have more details to work out in terms of how this will be structured, but my goals are to better serve a wider audience while also providing better value to those of you who are Gold level members (or are interested in joining at that level).

I am also making my live streams easier to access by creating event spaces that allow you to RSVP (optional) and receive reminders and updates. The new event space for the MuseScore Café is located within the Mastering MuseScore group, and the new event space for the Music Master Class will be located within the Musicianship Skills Workshop group. These are not quite active yet but will be by the time of the events this week.

I've just done a round of reorganizing the spaces within the community to reflect these changes and to accommodate the changes yet to come. I apologize for any confusion this causes and for any broken links that result from this shuffling. Feel free to let me know if you encounter problems!

MuseScore Café

This week in the MuseScore Café with Marc Sabatella, we'll look at the process of migrating existing scores into MuseScore 4. I will also discuss some new developments for this community!

The free MuseScore Café is live on Wednesday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT, or 17:30 during the winter months), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

Tip of the Week

Now that MuseScore 4 is out, it occurs to me that these weekly tips are worth collecting in one place for easy access. So this week's tip is a "meta-tip": check out the new Tip of the Week space in the Community! This week's tip is on creating a custom workspace and adding more palettes to it.

Music Master Class

This week in the Music Master Class with Marc Sabatella, we'll be returning to the subject of ear training. As a teaser, I'd love for people to check out this clip from the movie Amadeus.

The free Music Master Class is live on Thursday at 12:30 PM Eastern (16:30 GMT, or 17:30 during the winter months), and you can access past episodes in the archive.

In Theory

As with the MuseScore tip of the week, these theory musings of mine also seem worth collecting, so check out the new In Theory space in the community as well. This week's article is a reflection on the scene from Amadeus referenced above.

I'm also opening up this space for general discussion on music and hope to highlight more of your contributions in future newsletters!

Outside Shore Music / Mastering MuseScore

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